Zynga's tower-building sim Dream Heights has hit the app store after raising some ire from Tiny Tower devs NimbleBit last month, and it seems the battle's not over. Dream Heights was met with loads of 1-star reviews from users alleging that the game is a blatant rip-off of Tiny Tower, and Zynga's had little choice but to respond by posting their own 5-star reviews.

The poor reviews may be overwhelming, but that hasn't stopped Zynga from at least attempting to raise the game's average score. And while it's definitely not cool to post reviews for your own game, can you really blame them in this case?

At least they're not being sued like Yeti Town devs 6waves Lolapps. Inside Mobile Apps has an interesting look at the differences between the two games, and while their similarities remain undeniable, there are some key enhancements in the Zynga version.

Whose side are you on here? Are NimbleBit fans being petty, or should Zynga be penalized for reviewing their own game? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.