5. T Is For Terrible (2004)

Author: Peter McCarty

Fans of the disturbing, incredibly bleak horror movie classic Henry: Portrait Of A Serial Killer should find plenty to like in author Peter McCarty’s cleverly manipulative T Is For Terrible. By design, the dinosaur-heavy introspection is meant to show how individuals viewed as bad, such as a menacing Tyrannosaurus Rex, are just like us good folks once you look inside their minds and see what makes them tick. A noble message, no doubt.

Unless the person/thing of interest happens to be a cold-blooded, vicious killer like our friend the T. Rex here. Essentially an allegory meant to sympathize with a serial killer, T Is For Terrible even abandons the typically happy ending of most children’s books and leaves readers with a particularly downbeat image: the unreformed dinosaur getting ready to pounce upon a pack of smaller creatures. “T,” as it turns out, is actually for “terrifying.”