10. The Lonely Doll (1957)

Author: Dare Wright

It’s one thing for a kid to play with dolls and stuffed animals and project life into them using their imaginations; that way, the toys don’t actually move or adopt any human tendencies.

In author/photographer Dare Wright’s The Lonely Doll, and the series of similar books it spawned, coming-of-age stories are depicted through pictures of the doll you see above, the one that looks like a cross between The Twilight Zone’s Talking Tina and those mannequins from the Zone episode “The After Hours.” One flip through The Living Doll’s suggestively creepy pages and an innocent adolescent is open to many disturbing thoughts, such as, “Is Tickle Me Elmo smiling at me with a frozen grin?” As well as, “Why is my G.I. Joe action figure pointing its gun at me?”