Some people just need to be put on mute.

Since May of 2011, Stacy C. Harris has filed 47 lawsuits in Orange County seeking millions of dollars from various government agencies, locations, businesses, and the likes of Adam Sandler and Tom Hanks.

Her beef with Sandler is that he allegedly entered property where she “lay,” so she wants $2 million from him. The details against Hanks aren’t available, so it’s safe to assume they're too laughable to print. Maybe she's still mad about Angels & Demons.

It gets better. Harris claims the city of Huntington Beach is liable for her taking a tumble while pregnant with twins, and has several complaints against the city for apparently slacking on efforts to “beautify” local parking lots and sidewalks.

There’s more. She wants a combined $20,000 from exotic dance club Ecstasy for “permitting the viewing of female dancers, fully nude” and the store Funkypair because it carries “female shoes for cross-dressing males.”

Last, but certainly not least, she’s suing the Orange County Sheriff’s Department because they “arrested her and put her into a mental [institution] without a proper interviewing process.” There were some pretty obvious signs, but we're going to spell it out out: This woman is out of her fucking mind.

[via LAist]

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