There's always some ugliness that comes along with Black History Month, and this falls right in line.

A white woman was shopping at her local Super Fresh in Philly (180 West Girard Avenue) when she noticed this Black History Month circular. It features a boy holding a drawing of Martin Luther King, Jr., and weekly deals for hot sauce, Ramen noodles, sodas (orange, but no grape), and canned collard greens which "weren't even fresh" according to the woman. Good job, Super Fresh for not recognizing how this might come across.

Better yet, this was all right below and next to the words "Proud to honor and celebrate African American history, culture and achievements." Lovely, right? The woman was so outraged that she told Gawker, and they're awaiting a response from Super Fresh's corporate offices.

Irresponsible advertising is never appropriate, but the fact that it comes during Black History Month is just downright offensive. For an actual Black History Month contect, check this out:  Then & Now: 50 Key Sites of the American Civil Rights Movement.

[via Gawker]

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