George Jung, the OG cocaine cowboy popularized in BlowJohnny Depp's beloved 2001 bio-pic, was temporarily released from a federal prison in Texas after doctors noticed a potentially cancerous growth on his face.

"Boston George," whose work with the Medellín Cartel accounted for nearly all of the coke smuggled into the U.S. at one point, was in the midst of a 15-year-sentence. However, Jung was permitted to leave the prison so that doctors could remove the offending mole from his nose.

Jung seems to believe this is the result of spending the bulk of his time under the Mexican sun playing middle man to so many lucrative drug deals. Prison officials are tight-lipped about his current state, but the procedure is rumored to have been a success.

Despite his condition, Jung remained shackled throughout the procedure, and was thrown right back into the slammer when it was completed. He's currently scheduled for a Thanksgiving Day 2014 release.

[via TMZ]

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