The first trailer for the second season of HBO's Game of Thrones was more of the teaser, a series of short flashes of our favorite characters being their vindictive selves. But the second trailer, titled “Power and Grace” gives more of a sense of who is plotting for what and how.

As far as we can see, the game plans are as follows: Daenerys intends to swoop in and steal the throne with her dragons and Tyrion Lannister plans to slink behind the scenes with his favorite prostitute while the other contingents self-destruct (despite his sister's whining). Meanwhile, the Baratheons will wage war on one another and the Starks will attempt to maintain father Eddards' legacy (save for his dangerous obsession with what's "right", hopefully.) And the Eunich? He plans to keep dispensing riddle-like advice that may or may not lead people to their deaths (see: Eddard Stark).

All in all, the trailer did what it was intended to do: get us completely amped for the April 1st premiere.

[via YouTube]