18. Dynamite Cop

First Release: Dynamite Deka/Die Hard Arcade (1997, Arcade/Sega Saturn)
Last Release: Dynamite Cop (1998, Arcade/Dreamcast)

Another Dreamcast goodie, y'all! Dynamite Cop hearkened back to the days of Die Hard Arcade (another ill game, BTW), which let you bash in terrorists' faces all over the world. We utilized our world protectors to dropkick dudes during QTE's and back-fist our enemies in restaurant kitchens. Two Dreamcast controllers with this bad boy on a dull Saturday? Heaven.

Now Sega, we totally understand the whole Die Hard license situation. That's how we got this game in the first place. But Dynamite beatdowns in HD would make our day, so it's time to dust off this IP. Clean up those graphics, keep the co-op local and online and just give us more weapons to bug out with. Vehicle sections wouldn't hurt, either. A tank, maybe?