23. Altered Beast

First Release: Altered Beast (1988, Arcade/Sega Mega Drive)
Last Release: Project Altered Beast (2005, Playstation 2)

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVE! This beastly beat-em up wowed us back in the arcade days. It was oodles of fun to hang in graveyards and kick off zombie heads field-goal style. And when we got three orbs in our warrior, we transformed on these ho's! Werewolves, dragons, grizzly bears… OH MY!

We need this game brought back for this generation. Japan got a taste of what a modern Altered Beast could be on the PS2 so now it's time we Americans got a stab at it.

Make the battlefields larger and we will wreak havoc on our enemies. No orbs for animal transformations this time. One button press shall do if we feel like goin' beast mode. Sound good, Sega?