1. Jet Grind Radio

First Release: Jet Grind Radio a.k.a. Jet Set Radio (2000, Dreamcast)
Last Release: Jet Set Radio Future (2002, Xbox)

This game was the definition of fresh. The whole idea of rollerblading miscreants tagging an oppressive city with graffiti simply worked as a video game. Plus the cel-shaded graphics were revolutionary at the time the game debuted.

The music was on point, too. Every track was on one. The characters oozed personality and using them to evade the po-po was fun. We want to tag up Japan again, Sega.

A new Jet Grind Radio would do wonders for our creativity. Make that trick system a lot crazier (akin to SSX or Tony Hawk), add on some new multiplayer modes, and don't make it insanely hard like the last one. Beat… we sure miss ya, buddy.

Ps, I'm Banksy.