10. Comix Zone

First Release: Comix Zone (1995, Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis)
Last Release: Comix Zone (1995, Sega Mega Drive/Sega Genesis)

*Elvis Presley impersonator voice* SEYYYYYGA...Remember that intro? Of course you do. That voice meant that you loaded up that Comix Zone cartridge. We loved the concept of this game when it dropped in '95. We played it for hours. Sketch got trapped inside his own comic book and was forced to combat baddies while talking in dialogue bubbles.

The whole “move from comic panel to comic panel” transportation method was so cool. And we always kept our pet rat in tow. Fools didn't wanna get touched by our lil' dirty sidekick. We could totally see a second entry for this dope beat 'em up. An HD remake or cel-shaded remix would make our day.

You should be able to play with another “starving artist” alongside Sketch and enjoy the game in a 2-player fashion, too. It's time to uppercut some sewer ninjas, son.