We love to point out every time a random iPhone game developer rips off Nintendo or whatever, so why not do the same when the tables are turned? You won't find a lot of love for Zynga around most gaming websites, but now they've apparently sunk to new lows by completely ripping off the hit indie casual game Tiny Tower.

And when we say "new lows," we may completely expected, not-new lows. Their new game Dream Heights—as you can see in the above screenshot, and several more in the original topic on reddit—is shockingly similar to Tiny Tower, but it's not like they've never ripped off a game before. In fact, Farmville, the game that made their fortune, is a total imitation of another game released earlier in 2009: Farm Town.

On the other hand, Tiny Tower kind of sucks. Its pixely artwork might draw you in, but make no mistake, it's a casual title of the worst kind—a time management click-fest with plenty of opportunities to spend real money on "more fun." Plus it kind of ripped off Sim Tower.

Either way, Zynga's clearly crossing a line here. Tiny Tower isn't some random game—it was actually Apple's official game of the year for 2011. Hopefully there's some consequences for this. Will Apple be as quick to respond to a copyright infringement claim if it's not brought by EA or Atari? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.