A Wisconsin man charged with domestic abuse claims that it was a ghost who committed the crime, not him.

41-year-old Michael West of Fon du Lac, Wisconsin, was arrested on the evening of January 15 after police responded to a domestic disturbance call. When the authorities arrived, West's wife was in tears and bleeding from the nose all over her Packers' jersey.

She told police that West strangled her until she nearly blacked out, then punched her in the face when she tried to call 911. An intoxicated West claimed that his wife injured her face after falling several times, but when asked about the marks on her neck, offered a priceless explanation: "A ghost did it."

The two were allegedly arguing over financial issues, but keep in mind that the Giants beat the defending champion Packers on January 15 in Green Bay.

Wake up, Mr. West, if you really thought that ghost story would fly. Read the documents above for a laugh. And then, of course, a shudder at the things that happen in this world.

[via New York Daily News and The Smoking Gun]

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