Sunday Morning Brunch

Where the girls go: La Petite Maison (13 West 54th St.); Pastis (9 9th Ave.); White & Church (281 Church St.); Paradou (8 Little West 12th St.); Schiller's Liquor Bar (131 Rivington St.)

For New Yorkers, brunch is a sacred ritual. You can stay home Saturday night, but Sunday morning? Never. Mimosas will be drank, Marys will be downed—it might even turn into a full blown brunch party. You need to be there, preferably not hungover. But whether you're there or not, the women will be.

How to approach her: Compliment her on her morning beverage of choice. "Kudos for not going the Mimosa route. I respect a woman who drinks a Bloody Mary." Get into a conversation about morning beverages, and defend your position on why horseradish can never be excessive.

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