Champagne and Wine Bars

Where the girls go: Flute Bar (multiple locations), Bubble Lounge (228 West Broadway), 'inoteca (323 3rd Ave.), Terroir (413 East 12th St.), D.O.C. Wine Bar (83 North 7th St., Brooklyn)

It's no secret—women love bubbly. When a pack of women walk into a bar, the sound of rosé popping will inevitably be heard shortly after. Which is why, we're convinced, champagne and wine bars really even exist. Really, how many times have you went out and been all like, "I just really need a glass of prosecco right now"? Fact: Every woman has said this sentence at least once in her life. 

And since we live in a post-Drake world, most men will become accustomed to saying this as well.

How to approach her: Talk to her about wine. After she orders her sparkling wine of choice, tell her she should really try X glass because Y. Teach her something new, and you'll stand out among the other schlubs that just mindlessly sent her another glass.