For a minute there, Honda really had us going. In a 9-second teaser, they managed to send the internet into a collective whirlwind of anticipation: Was Matthew Broderick reprising his iconic role as Ferris Bueller?

Unfortunately, what was hinted at was not what was delivered. What they were actually previewing was a Super Bowl ad for 2012 Honda CR-V, and while it's not a sequel to the 1984 flick, it is a gleeful revival of Broderick acting very Buller-esque. The ad follows Broderick as he skips out on a day of work on the movie set in favor of frolicking around the city in his Honda CR-V, causing small-scale mayhem reminiscent of the original film and occasionally spouting off Bueller lines.

The commercial, while not uproariously funny, is a perfectly enjoyable revival and a good excuse to play spot-the-Buller-references (The license plate! The name of the woman on the line!). Share the subtle clues you pick up on below—chances are, Honda's ad will reveal itself to be more clever that originally thought!

[via Huff Post]