Lana Del Rey's every move and utterance seems to provoke impassioned arguments (both for and against) her breathy, enigmatic persona lately. But sorry internet, the indie songstress' choice in movies doesn't leave much room for debate.

In an interview with NextMovie, Lana revealed her two favorite movies to be The Godfather: Part I and II. She describes the acting as "epic" and places pouty emphasis on the "luxurious and gorgeous" sets, something even the most stringent Lana critics would find impossible to disagree with.

Lana also revealed some other interesting info that we're far from mad at: Submarine movies get her hot and bothered and she thinks "Mena Suvari is beautiful", the latter which she says with a wide, mischievous grin and a bashful glance towards her feet.

Haters wanna hate, but Lana just charmed our pants off.

[via NextMovie]