The United States Army has partnered with CTADigital to create an Army-licensed series of video game peripherals, including a set of army-themed light guns.

The military has made forées into gaming before, going to so far as to create their own training game/recruitment tool, America's Army, in 2002. With the current popularity of modern military shooters the endorsement seems like a shrewd, albeit controversial, attempt to become a presence in the market.

The three light guns have all been designed for the PS Move, catering to different styles of play: The Sniper Action Rifle, for example, is designed to cater specifically to those looking to mimic that type of experience, while other guns like the Elite Force Action Rifle is shaped like an assault rifle and is suggested as a more all-purpose FPS-enhancer.

In addition to the guns, CTA has designed a "throat mic", which players where around their necks: According to CTA, the mic is sensitive enough to detect a whisper. The company has also released a more traditional universal gaming headset, as well as a console bag designed to carry a PS3 or Xbox 360.

The question is, do you think that having the US Army logo on your light gun enhances your FPS experience, or does the not-so-subtle recruiting and cross promotion pull you out of your game?

Let us know what you think below.