Joining a chorus that now includes Wikipedia, Reddit, Google, Microsoft, Tumblr, Mark Zuckerberg and most of your Facebook friends, Twitter's co-founders and CEO took to their accounts today to speak out against the controversial Internet legislation being debated in the House and the Senate.

"#SOPA and #PIPA: we can do better. Take a moment to learn why these acts are bad for the Internet and tell Congress NO (tweet, email, call)." wrote Twitter co-founder and President Jack Dorsey

"Your voice matters: Join entrepreneurs & Twitter users in telling Congress to protect innovation, oppose #SOPA http:/" added co-founder Evan Williams

And, winning the award for best protest rhyme was fellow co-founder Biz Stone.

"The tweets must flow, #SOPA must go—let Congress know!" he tweeted.

But, lest you be confused by the flood of criticism for these laws, it should be noted there are still those who strongly support them. Former Senator Chris Dodd, now chairman and CEO of the MPAA, let lose a damning rebuttal to the protests on behalf of the many corporations who support SOPA and/or PIPA (including most of the television and movie studios as well as all major music labels. Full list here).

In a blog post, Dodd said the websites that have mounted protests are "resorting to stunts that punish their users or turn them into their corporate pawns." He also called them "irresponsible," "dangerous" and accused them of abusing power and "intentionally skewing the facts."

So there's that.