WHERE: Royal Phoenix Bar (5788 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal)
WHEN: Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Royal Phoenix is a popular gay and lesbian bar in Montreal, normally. On our night, we turned it into a gender-blind New York dance party for the ages. Here, Lepse is beating the place down something terrible about 30 minutes into the night. The far back left corner was chock fulla party people giving it up, record for record; the bar was rammed with head nodding drinkers; and some of our NYC/Philly dance family was in town to rock with us, too. Dope night all around, aside from it being cold as a titty in a brass bra outside. Canadians got a different gear in them regarding how they deal with the cold. I was amazed at that in Montreal, since we were rammed despite sub-zero temperatures. One love to Rahel for bringing this to life, and one love to my G, Andy Williams, for going out and showing love.