YouTube user Kurekureyon has posted a video where he does a side-by-side comparison and tests the battery life of both the PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. Since numbers for battery times are thrown at us by manufacturers all the time, this test aims to find out exactly what those numbers are. 

So what is the obvious thing to do with each of these systems to test their battery lives? Well, charging them and playing them both until the batteries run out would do it.

So that's what we have here, an impressive show of unbroken game-play that lasts almost _____ hours on each system.

Want to know how long each system takes to run out? Which one performs better? You'll have to watch the video for answers to both of those questions.

Note that each of these systems [as you'll see in the video] have their settings reduced to maximize battery life for each; The Vita's Network was set to flight mode, brightness at minimum, and volume at mute. The 3DS had its wireless switched off, brightness set to 1, power-saving mode on, volume at minimum, and the 3D off.

Aside from that, you can see Kurekureyon's other video where the PSP gets thrown into the mix, and proves it can hold it's own.