Best: Guest Stars

Nicole Richie as an ass-kicking enemy spy; Timothy Dalton as a bipolar archvillain, hilarious yet threatening; Linda Hamilton as Chuck's fierce spy mother; John Laroquette as a suave, boozing, washed-up James Bond type. These are just a few of Chuck's long list of special guest stars that also includes Eric Roberts, Michael Clarke Duncan, Jordana Brewster, Chevy Chase, Dolph Lundgren, Carrie-Anne Moss, and Bo Derek. Hell, they even took the bland Brandon Routh out of the unemployment line and turned him into a perfect nemesis.

How did a struggling series afford all of these talented cameos, you ask? Take one look at the special effects and there's your answer. But we wouldn't have had it any other way, not when the casting was so spot-on. Armand Assante as a cheesy foreign dictator: perfect. And of course Eric Roberts would be the head of a rogue version of the A-team. If Chuck itself is an ode to pop culture past and present, then the tons of special cameos were necessary—and they were always fun.

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