With six main heroes to deal with, and a charismatic villain in Loki that should easily steal the show, Joss Whedon’s The Avengers has a monumental task in front of it when it comes to getting the entire cast equal screen time. But in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Whedon explained his solution to the problem, which is as simple as it is brilliant.

“I set out with a very simple problem: There is no reason for these people to be in the same movie. So that’s what my movie has to be about. So much of the movie takes place from Steve Rogers’ perspective, since he’s the guy who just woke up and sees this weird ass world. Everyone else has been living in it,” he explained.

Much like the Avengers comic books, Captain America will be the main focus here as most of the plot and action will be seen through his eyes. Let’s face it, no one in the audience is a God like Thor or a billionaire like Iron Man, so making Steve Rogers the focal point of the movie will make a great gateway for the audience.

The Avengers opens on May 4.

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