24. Berghain

City: Berlin
Address: Rüdersdorfer Straße 70
Status: Open
Website: berghain.de

Only in Berlin would you find a nightclub inside a former power plant ("poor, but sexy" was how the governing mayor described the city in 2003). Berghain is enormous, as you might've expected, though this does little to adjust your odds of getting in the front door. The selection process can feel inscrutable, even if there is some latent high German logic behind the process. Or maybe Berghain's selection functions in opposition to the rigorous efficiency so many of the country's stereotypes spring from.

Inside, you'll find dancing and more illicit activities, no surprise given the club's roots in Berlin's fetish scene. Both sexes intermingle here now, getting sweaty and licentious to a party that takes few breaks. It's possible to show up at Berghain on a Friday night and not leave 'til Sunday.