All Gamers Are Slackers

Chief Propagators: The jerky boss who saw you playing your DS during lunch

Why It’s Dumb: The amount of motivation required to collect every achievement in Mega Man 10 is insane

Despite the common perception, games aren’t all fun and games. Well, I guess they are by definition, but that doesn’t mean they can’t feel a lot like work sometimes. Sure, it may not be as productive as some hobbies, but the amount of effort that has to go in to some games is nothing short of trying.

It takes a severe sense of personal motivation to see your World of Warcraft character reach level 85, and even more to maintain a top leaderboard ranking. In fact, games are so good at motivating people that elements of games are starting to be used to help make school, work and activism more focused. The gamification method has been improving the way people self-motivate to tremendous results and it’s a trend that will likely continue in the future.