Phil Collins

Why he's on the list:

The once and future leader of Genesis (who would've been number eleven on our list) has never objected to marketing himself. His creepy classic "In The Air Tonight" unforgettably soundtracked the first episode of "Miami Vice" and later appeared in dozens of commercials.

And yet, his music has never appeared in a band game. The slick production and MOR songwriting of solo albums like “No Jacket Required” and “...But Seriously” made Collins one of the best selling artists of the 1980s, with total certified sales of over 80 million albums, singles, downloads and videos. If you believe Atlantic Records, Collins' total sales had already reached 150 million by the year 2000. Either way, that's a hell of a lot of people jamming out to "Sussudio".

Why he may not be in the games:

Guitar Hero's inclination towards metal and hard rock might have precluded a Collins track pack, but "Against All Odds" or "Easy Lover" would fit perfectly in a game with as many Billy Joel songs as Rock Band. 

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