Mad Catz has unveiled the final versions of their custom Street Fighter X Tekken fightsticks, high-quality arcade-style controllers for hardcore fighting game fans. They'll come in three flavors: the Tournament Edition Fightstick Pro, the Arcade Fightstick Vs. Edition, and the FightPad S.D.

The Fightstick Pro and Arcade Vs. Edition contain arcade-quality Japanese Sanwa parts, and two VS. Editions can be connected side-by-side (with an adapter) for a more arcade-like experience.

The Fightpad S.D., on the other hand, is more similar to a standard controller, minus the thumbsticks and with a larger D-pad and buttons. It's also smaller than other FightPads, a nod to Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono's apparently tiny hands.

Pricing is still up in the air, but we'll surely find out before the fightsticks come out alongside Street Fighter X Tekken on March 6. Do you need to feel the bulky sticks and buttons beneath your hands or are you just as good at Street Fighter without them? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.