Before you shoot us, the messenger of yet another "Sh*t People Say" video, watch it. And admit that some small part of you felt slighted and somewhat unfulfilled because they devoted videos to every type of girl/religion/career/species except for yours.

Pout no more: "Sh*t New Yorkers Say" has arrived. Eliot Glazer, the man in charge of rounding of the internet's best viral videos over at NY Mag's Vulture, decided to get in the game.

And, as much as we've been silently pleading with the internet gods for this series to just disappear, we are admittedly excited to finally have one we can relate to that includes people cursing at trains, being apathetic about Sarah Jessica Parker and Magnolia Bakery, and showing enthusiasm for quality carbohydrates.

Which of these New York-isms can you relate to most? And more importantly, which crucial uttering did they leave out?

[via Daily Intel]