A recent rumor that Nintendo's finally set to launch a service to compete with the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade has picked up steam, as Nintendo Enthusiast has received a report from a supposed anonymous source.

It started with the box art for Theatrythm: Final Fantasy, which sports a logo that reads "Nintendo Network". And the screenshot above supposedly shows Mario Kart 7 running on the Nintendo Network, which means it may have already launched in some parts of the world.

There's speculation that it will cover everything from DLC to online gaming. The new source claims that the network will be accessible from web browsers, and will feature elements that Nintendo has never previously taken advantage of—basically, it'll be poised to directly compete with Sony and Microsoft's online services.

We're certain to get more news at Nintendo's conference on Jan. 26, so keep your ears to the ground. Do you Nintendo will really be able to compete with services that have been up for more than half a decade already? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.