While most middle-aged people are busy saving money for a car, house, or retirement, Chaz Bono is busy saving every penny he has for a penis, according to The Daily Mail. Bono, who is currently receiving testosterone injections and recently had his breasts removed, is looking to undergo a full sex-change operation in the near future, but apparently the price is pretty steep.

Bono usually keeps quiet about his personal life, but according to a new Rolling Stone profile, "[Bono] is pretty sure that within a short while, he will finally be able to afford to get himself a penis."

And while his famous mother, Cher, has more money than she could spend in a lifetime, he admits that he doesn't want her help with his current dilemma, "She has [helped out financially] in the past when there's been a problem or issue, but no, I don't like to take money from my mom more than anybody else does."

He also went into detail about the type of surgery that he envisions himself getting, "I could get a phalloplasty, which builds the phallus from a donor site on your body, but I'm currently leaning more towards a metoidioplasty," he explained. "It's a process that uses what you already have down there, which has grown larger from the testosterone."

Even though Bono is gearing up for his eventual penis, he admitted that he doesn't even know what size he would get, "You know, really don't - I've never seen one erect so it's really hard to say. But, you know, soft it's probably about three inches, and it grows considerably. I don't know what the average difference is, but when I'm having sex I probably get three or four times larger."

[via The Daily Mail]

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