Retired NFL player Brett Favre's sister, Brandi, was arrested in a gigantic meth bust in Mississippi last year, but that was by no means the end of her legal troubles - a couple that lived in the home next door to the house that acted as the alleged meth lab are now suing Brandi, claiming that fumes from the drug contaminated and totally wrecked their home.

Brandi was arrested in January 2011 of last year, and her case is still pending before a grand jury. According to TMZ, the couple who lived in the house next door say that a meth screening company detected "widespread meth contamination" in their home, forcing them to find a new residence for five months while the house was being cleaned. Not only was this inconvenient, they say, but it was also crazy expensive.

The couple is suing Brandi and her accomplices for unspecified damages.

[via TMZ]