Activision's revealed another pre-order bonus for the upcoming Prototype 2, and we can definitely admit that it's not the worst bonus ever. If you plan to get it at Best Buy and you throw down before its April 24 launch, you'll get some specialized "Hardened Steel Vehicle Armor" to make your cars and tanks more tough.

That actually might be pretty helpful, especially if you plan to wreak as much vehicular havoc in this game as we do. The last thing you need is your tank blowing up as you're taking out four helicopters at once. At least this isn't paid DLC like Bethesda's horse armor was (seriously—horse armor jokes are in our DNA at this point. We can't help it.)

Gamestop pre-orders will net you a slightly cooler bonus, though: the "Butt Kicker," an ability that lets you kick enemies. In their butts. They go flying (hopefully into a helicopter).

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