5. The Manic-Depressive Grandpa's Punching Spree

Where: Columbus, Ohio
When: April 2011

Ralph Conone, 68, managed to single-handedly overturn our long-held image of the good-hearted Grandpa when he was arrested for assaulting children in his local Wal-Mart. Conone was seen on the store's surveillance video randomly punching four children in the head with a key lodged in between his fingers. 

Conone was approached by the mother of one of the children, who dragged the elderly man back into the store and reported him to the police. When asked about his motivation for, Conone, who is reportedly manic-depressive, said he did it for "the thrill of knowing he was punching them with their parents only feet away." Thankfully, this depraved gray-hair has since been banned from all Wal-Marts, so suiting up your children with helmets before shopping is no longer a necessity.