9. The "I Only Robbed Wal-Mart to Get a Sex Change" Defense

Where: Prescott, Arizona
When: September 2011

Getting a sex change is costly these days; you cannot get new equipment on Wal-Mart wages alone. This prompted employee Spencer Cullen (left) to take some desperate measures. The 23-year-old, along with the help of 19-year-old Adriano Altiveros, decided to rob the super-store to fund the operation, stealing $45,000 in cash from the office lock-box.

Post-robbery, the duo split the cash: Altiveros used $22,000 to buy a Toyota Supra (really, dude?), and Cullen intended to use the money towards a long-sought-after gender swap. We feel for Cullen, especially if he/she is the victim of gender-identity disorder, but wouldn't a savings account (and a well-stuffed sock in the interim) been the smarter move? And seriously, who buys a Supra with stolen loot?