Though the Joker ultimately went home (or back to the Asylum, homefully) with the Vector Monkey for Character of the Year, it'd be a shame to let the acceptance video from the other nominations get left in a virtual warehouse somewhere, never to be seen again. Wheatley's speech in particular is quite moving—all the little guy wants is to come home! It's not his fault he got all murderous on you. Oh wait, yes it is.

Other unused speeches include one from Gears of Wars' Marcus Fenix and another from Nathan Drake (who we recently interviewed, believe it or not). We hope they're not bitter about losing to the Joker—Maybe someone can make a spinoff title where Wheatley masterminds a plan for Nate and Fenix to enact revenge in Arkham Universe. Obviously it would fail miserably, but hey, can't blame an A.I. for trying.

Who was your choice for Character of the Year? Were you satisfied with the Joker? (Are you too scared of him to admit otherwise?) Drop your musings in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.