Right now, in Central New Jersey [about 20 minutes from where this article is being written], George Leutz is attempting a daunting world record. Leutz is attempting to play Q*Bert for an unbelievable 75 hours at Richie Knucklez' arcade in Flemington. My guess is that stepping away from the Q*Bert machine for more than a few minutes would be a failed attempt.

This is Leutz' third attempt at the world record. The first two were also attempted at Richie Knucklez, in April and May of this year. In the first attempt, someone knocked into a power cable that shut off the machine 16 hours in. In May, Leutz succumbed to exhaustion after 54 hours of play. It goes without saying that the road to this attempt has been a rocky one.

You can watch the livestream here, which is at no shortage of male-on-male banter, 80's metal, and Diet Coke spilling on iPad's. It's really amusing all the tactics being used to try and keep Leutz awake and powering ahead. It's all pretty cool though, and having grown up in New Jersey leaves me feeling incredibly nostalgic about the whole thing. 

UPDATE: Right now, they're listing to Helmet's "Unsung," and rocking out pretty hard. 

Good luck, George!