22. Trespass

Director: Joel Schumacher
Stars: Nicolas Cage, Nicole Kidman, Cam Gigandet, Jordana Spiro, Ben Mendelsohn, Liana Liberato, Dash Mihok

Love a good home invasion thriller? Seek out the 2011 Spanish horror flick Kidnapped, a shocking and wholly bleak heart-stopper that will have you triple-locking all of your home’s doors. If Kidnapped is too hardcore for your sensibilities, by no means should you attempt to cleanse the palate with Trespass, a horribly made dud that represents yet another low in Nicolas Cage’s tainted career. Directed by the fallen-off Joel Schumacher, Trespass does include a few side-splitting moments of overacting from Sir Cage, but overall it’s an exhibition of absurd dialogue, clunky exposition, and senseless violence. Though Cage does call someone an “ass-fuck,” which is a minor victory.