20. Herman Cain, on his plan of action for Syria

Poor Herman Cain. Prior to his withdrawal from the presidential race, the dude only seemed to dig the hole deeper and deeper when it came to exposing his questionable knowledge of foreign policy. In response to a question in November 22nd's GOP debate about how the U.S. should deal with Syria, the candidate proposed the following:
“I would work with our allies in the region to put pressure, to be able to try and get our allies and other nations to stop buying oil from Syria.”

Unfortunately for would-be president Cain, Syria is a rather minor exporter of oil. We also aren't sure who these "regional allies" of ours are that are apparently guzzling up their unimpressive supply. That said, maybe Cain just got a little sidetracked with his movement to bring back Black Walnut Haagen Daaz.