Spider-Man: Edge of Time

What We Expected: The same excellence that Beenox gave us with Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Yeah so we don’t get to sneak around with Spider-Man Noir and go symbiote ragin’ with Ultimate Spider-Man. It’s all good. Zippin’ around with NYC’s favorite web crawler in the present (AND THE FUTURE!) sounded like an awesome time.

What We Got Instead: Electronic Door Opener: The Game. How many quick time events did we have to engage in just to get to another room? Too many to remember, actually. The absence of those two other Spider-Men made us miss them even more. The Amazing Spider-Man plus Spider-Man 2099 are cool, sure. But their cool factor was instantly lost on us cause the web swinging was non-existent. One building to run around in = not much room to get your swing on. 

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