Anyone who was worried that the new SSX would be too realistic after seeing the last trailer at E3 2011 should rest easy after watching the above video. That is, unless they consider grinding on a helicopter and doing the worm in mid-air realistic.

True, the graphics are less cartoony, but based on this trailer it seems the changes are purely cosmetic. Familiar faces and tricks return, the balls-out tricky trick mode is still present, and the combos these fools string together in mid-air and on rails are absolutely bat-shit crazy. It should be perfect for fans.

Also on display here is the rewind feature, which will allow you to press undo (at the expense of some points, though you can potentially make them up by sticking the next trick) and retry if you screw something up. Is this a welcome feature? Are you excited for the new SSX or are you still happy with the Gamecube version? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.