Since the release of Apple's iPhone 4S, a number of people have attempted to bring the phone's most sought after feature, Siri, to other Apple devices. Most of them were illegal and not as featured as the real app. However, two well-known iOS hackers, Grant Paul (aka chpwn) and Ryan Petrichhave figured out a way to bring the voice-recognition personal assistant to any Apple device running iOS 5 with a port called Spire

The big draw for Spire is that unlike many other Siri ports, this one is legal. Spire gets around the legalities by downloading all the needed Siri files, images, and code directly from Apple. Once users download the 100 MB package, they must enter in a proxy address because in order to use Siri, Apple only recognizes queries from an iPhone 4S. To get a proxy address, Paul lists some recommendations on the site including asking a friend with an iPhone 4S for their authentication tokens. 

To learn more about getting Siri on your iOS 5 device, head over to Paul's website.

[via Tech Crunch]