Denis Dyack

Worked On: Eternal Darkness, Too Human, X-Men: Destiny

Reason for Bitching: Game journalists preview his (bad) games poorly

Bitchiest Line: All I wanted to point out to people is that this is so ridiculous 

Video game previews are an integral part of the average person’s game purchasing process. They’re the only way consumers can know anything about games they’re interested in when publishers refuse to let journalists have access to early review copies.

Usually this only happens when a game is particularly terrible, which in the case of Dyack’s recent releases is more than a little true. With long development cycles for his studio’s projects, there’s more than enough room for unpolished or inaccurate game design changes making for previews that are less than favorable. Of course, the best way to persuade journalists to give your games a fair shake is to insult their craft and integrity.