Jeff Minter

Worked On: Space Giraffe

Reason for Bitching: Frogger remake outsold his original title

Bicthiest Line: Not seeing a lot of reason to continue even trying to make games

Upon seeing his beloved and bizarre Xbox Live Arcade title flounder commercially whilst Konami’s re-release of Frogger did very well within the same week, poor Jeff Minter gave up hope. The llama loving – no, I don’t mean like that – developer put his heart and soul into his strange Tempest-inspired shooter, Space Giraffe, only to watch it get crushed by a pixilated frog.

The result was an angry tirade that started on his LiveJournal (like all good rants do) before spreading to various news blogs in interviews where he spout venomous jabs at consumers and the industry as a whole. The whole affair became one of the whiniest cases of poor sportsmanship in sales, full of defeatist comments and spite towards the public for not understanding his magnum opus causing Minter to give up development for a while to focus on his llama farm.

Thankfully he eventually got off his high horse (goat?) and started making games again, giving us the surprisingly good Space Invaders Extreme, which is more than a little ironic considering his distaste for remakes.

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