David Jaffe

Worked On: Twisted Metal, God of War, Calling all Cars

Reason for Bitching: Game journalists fawn over games drawn in pastels

Bitchiest Line: SO F*CKING SICK of artsy fartsy in this industry. Get f*cking over yourselves bitches

David Jaffe is the indisputable king of video game related rants. With profanity strewn about, he’s covered everything from used game sales to award shows.

It was his argument with Anthony Burch at Destructoid over the merit of games as art that sent him into an outright tailspin of fury. Jaffe chastised the indie development community for hiding behind a guise of art as a means of selling boring games. His rant spread like wildfire through blog posts, Twitter updates and video rants on YouTube.

Still, it’s hard to be surprised at all this anger coming from the guy who gave us Kratos, the most sociopathic video game character of the 21st century.