If you haven't heard, Nicole Scherzinger's been getting a lot of hate lately for letting the vote between X Factor contestants Rachel Crow and Marcus Canty deadlock last week, mostly because that decision led to 13-year-old Crow's elimination which was followed by a mini-breaktown from the Crow herself on stage. Well, it looks like that decision may not have been all her fault - thanks to TMZ, there's audio from the night the fated decision was made that shows Scherzinger's fellow judge Paula Abdul actually telling her to just let the vote deadlock. 

Though Abdul's mic is down, with "a little volume tinkering," it's easy to hear Abdul clearly say, "let it go to a deadlock." Considering all the flak Scherzinger's been getting for that specific decision - she received everything from threats of boycott to death threats - the fact that it may not have been her choice to begin with is pretty interesting.

So, do you think anyone is at fault here? Sound off in the comments!

[Via TMZ]