Mr. Grimm may seem like a lovable clown, but please don't hire him for your kid's birthday party, as he's liable to murder everyone there out of spite. In the upcoming Twisted Metal, which is poised to revive the classic Sony franchise, Grimm and his gang look like a cross between voodoo witch doctors and murderous juggalos. That'll surely go a long way toward striking fear in the hearts of your opponents.

Their "reaper rockets," "flaming chainsaws" and "Brothers Grimm" (a pair of matching monster trucks) will likely help as well. All this to make up for some vaguely remembered mistake in your past, Mr. Grimm? Yeah, this is Twisted Metal, all right.

The game comes out exclusively for PS3 on Valentine's Day next year. What better gift for your significant other? Let us know whether you'll be picking it up with a lover or spending the day alone in the comments or on Twitter or Facebook.