Sure, chicks dig guitars, but having to lug around something so cumbersome may not always be worth the tradeoff. Manufacturer Ministar seems to have solved that issue with a series of travel-specific pieces, which—in a feat of engineering—eliminate the bodies yet manage to retain all the capabilities of an actual guitar with just the necks and pickups.

Created by accomplished guitar designer Bob Wiley, the entire range of Ministar guitars are made of maple, with die cast metal machine heads and battery-powered, self-contained amps. The antenna-like metal bars protruding from the pieces are actually detachable arms, with the right one providing support for a strap and the left a comfort plate to replicate the feel of a regular guitar while picking.

Both acoustic and electric models are available—the aptly titled “Folkstar” catering to the former and a Les Paul-inspired “Lestar” for the latter. Pricing starts at around $275.

[via Gizmag