U.S. Customs Agents in Pharr, Texas got a unexpected surprise when they discovered more than a ton of weed in a shipment of frozen broccoli on Monday. Officers found the green at the import lot of the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge, one of the key entry ports for the U.S.-Mexico Border.

While inspecting a tractor trailer coming from Mexico, authorities unearthed 158 bundles of marijuana that weighed 2,482 pounds and has an estimated street value of $2.5 million. No arrests have been made yet, and no word on what happened to the actual broccoli, but whoever came up with that sneaky plan probably never thought the boys at the border would notice the difference.

They were wrong, but have you laugh at the vision, especially since this has happened before. What will these drug dealers think of next?

[via San Antonio Express-News]

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