Full Metal Jacket

Type of Game: Olympic games style button masher/over the shoulder, Gears of War shooter

ANOTHER Stanley Kubrick movie? But of course. Full Metal Jacket, in truth, is two separate films. There’s the first half, which is the boot camp section, and then the second half, which is the war itself. And thinking about it, we see the game playing out as two separate games, too.

The first half would be like those old Olympic NES titles where you have to pound buttons to get to the end. In this section, you’d be Private “Pyle” and would have to try to keep up with the rest of the soldiers by mashing the buttons and rockin’ the D-pad. No matter how well you play though, you still lose and wind up shooting yourself on the shitter in the end. Game over, man, game over.

The second part of the game would play like Gears of War, dodging gunfire as Private “Joker” is trying to survive hell. Hey, it HAS to be better than this.

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