Fans of all the previous Mission: Impossible films have witnessed the featured feats of derring-do—from rock climbing in Mission: Impossible 2 to the most recent Burj Khalifa jump. There haven't been too many times when Tom Cruise stopped to wonder if those feats could actually be pulled off. But Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol appears to embrace the nuisances that go into planning these jobs and goes for full comedic effect, as this clip above shows.

In the fourth installment of the popular franchise, the Impossible Missions Force is shut down after being framed for a terrorist bomb attack on the Kremlin. Down to the bare essentials, Cruise's Ethan Hust must clear the agency's name and catch the real culprits before they attack again. Jeremy Renner and Simon Pegg, the stars of this particular spot, confer about the mission they're about to attempt. Watch how understandably concerned Renner's character becomes when he learns that he has to make a 25-foot jump into the lethally hot core of a computer and only the promise of Pegg's Benji Dunn to catch him.

The action-packed movie, directed by Brad Bird, is set to be the holiday box office smash hit of 2011. The last three movies, based on the long-running TV series, grossed a whopping $903 million. Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol will be released exclusively in IMAX and selected cinemas on December 21. Let us know what your expectations are for Tom Cruise's last hoorah in the comments section below.

[via Yahoo! Movies]